Job Seekers

  • You are a busy professional working at a big four or other public accounting firm.
  • You were the top of your class in college and have created a booming career at one of the most influential firms in the country.

You’ve made a great first step in your career, but are you prepared for what comes next?


At Coenen Search, we represent pro-active finance, accounting & IT professionals who are interested in exploring options outside their current roles. 80% of the people we represent are not actively pursuing a new position, but are open to hearing about great roles they are qualified for. We specialize in recruiting top talent professionals from the Big Four public accounting firms, various regional public accounting firms, and public or private companies in a broad range of industries. Our clients include mid to large sized public and private companies as well as a limited number of elite, mid-sized public accounting firms.

We recruit for the staff, senior, manager, senior manager, director and controller levels within:

  • Tax
  • Audit
  • IT Audit
  • SEC reporting
  • Technical Accounting
  • Financial Analysts
  • Financial Planning & Analysis
  • IT Security
  • Application Development
  • Business Analyst
  • Project manager



As you know, the best career opportunities present themselves when they’re least expected. So whether you are or are not ready for a new career, we can help you.

As partners in your professional advancement, we will work with you to understand your career objectives, discuss when is the best time to leave public accounting, monitor the market for you in order to identify ideal matches and then help prepare you for them in a way that only recruiting experts can.

Unlike many recruiting firms, the team at Coenen Search believes that perfectly matching an employee to a company is more than just matching bullets on a resume to bullets on a job description.

It’s an intensive process that requires having a solid understanding of both parties involved. We focus our efforts on forming long-term relationships with both sides in order to ideally match personalities.

We make it a point to dig into office environments, management styles and cultures of our clients’ companies in a way that is hard for our candidates to achieve through an independent interview process.



Additional benefits you’ll receive at no cost to you:

  • Professional representation in the marketplace
  • Direct access to elite, sought-after companies
  • Resume and interview counseling from industry experts
  • Stronger negotiating power (people receive 10% higher offers through recruiters)
  • Access to direct-line manager contact resulting in quicker feedback
  • Professional assistance with a targeted job search
  • An inside scoop on the hiring processes of many companies, as well as how to best prepare for specific companies

If you interested in hearing more and would like to get the conversation started, please call us at 612-436-3682 or email us at

We’re looking forward to meeting you and assisting you with the next stage of your career.