Meet the Coenen Bros.

For the past 8 years, Coenen Bros. has been exclusively targeting and working with the best candidates in town, The Pro-Active™ candidates that consist of the top 10% of Finance professionals in the area. Thomas and Ken Coenen firmly believe that by getting back to the basics of recruiting—actually getting in the trenches to speak with candidates and forming relationships—is the only way to find these top tier candidates. This exclusive focus is part of the reason why Pro-Active™ candidates from Coenen Brothers stay at a company 3X’s longer and produce 50% more than traditional candidates.

To date, Coenen Bros. has worked with 22 of the 25 largest firms in Minneapolis and continue to build a reputation for working with Top Tier financial talent and doing so with integrity. As of 2013, Coenen Bros. expanded services to the Chicago market.

Coenen Bros. Financial Recruiters

From Humble Beginnings

Thomas Coenen always looked up to and respected the advice of his grandpa, a lifelong businessman who specialized in high end luxury cars. Wanting to follow in his footsteps as a businessman but not sure of what exactly he should represent, Thomas asked his grandpa for some advice. To which he said:

“Whatever you represent make sure it is of the highest caliber….And the company needs to be one of integrity that you can stay with for a long time. Find something of the highest caliber and a great company and then stick with them.”

After college, Thomas and his brother Ken realized that the surest way to find a “great company” was to create it themselves. But while Thomas and his brother knew they would one day own their own company, they still didn’t know what it would represent or what form it would take. And so, the dream would lie idle for many years…

Thomas Coenen

The Path Begins to Emerge

In 2000, Thomas was recruited to come and work for a Recruiting company as an Accounting Placement specialist. After he became the top recruiter in Colorado during his 2nd year and really loving the challenge of recruiting, Thomas thought his brother would enjoy it as well—and he was right.

Kens career started out in the IT industry, but after several successful years, Ken was ready for new challenges. After seeing how much his brother enjoyed the Recruiting industry, Ken decided to start his own Recruiting career. He initially started with Accounting and Finance candidates and clients. Ken was quickly asked to lead the Information Technology division due to his previous experience in the field. With his strong IT background and dedication, Ken successfully got the new division off the ground and rapidly growing for the next several years. He then went on to do some independent consulting work for Target.

With both Thomas and Ken in the Recruiting Industry and excelling at both of their positions, it began to look like a Recruiting firm was in the family’s future—just not yet. First, they had to identify what they could proudly represent.

Ken Coenen

In 2005 the final piece came into focus after Thomas was offered a Director position with a large International company teaching and hiring people to be recruiters. One of his teams consistently outperformed all the other teams and the secret of their success was only pursuing “Passive Candidates”. Although Thomas himself had taught the team that passive candidates were the best candidates, their exclusive focus on this group consistently produced exceptional results that had far exceeded Thomas’ expectations.

And then it hit him: What they would represent that was of the highest caliber would be the Top 10% of the Finance field who were NOT actively seeking a new career—just better opportunities with the right company!

Thomas Coenen

coenen-family1Thomas met his wife in 2004 during a client visit in Colorado. She is currently the Director of Human Resources for a large corporation and her insights into how internal HR professionals view recruiters has been invaluable to the development of Coenen Bros.
Together, they are raising a 19-year-old daughter who is attending UW-Eau Claire and a 5-year-old son who seems to love mimicking Thomas and his every word! Thomas is also an avid golfer who plays competitively and loves to follow the pro-circuit in his few moments of spare time.

Ken Coenen

After growing up in Rochester, MN, Ken Coenen left home to attend the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Even back then, recruiting just seemed to be in the Coenen “DNA”. Because as recruiting chairman for his fraternity, Ken had the 2nd highest number of recruits ever—second only to his younger brother Thomas who had set the record the year before.

After graduation, Ken moved to Chicago for a few years before returning to the Twin Cities to start a new career at a large Internet security firm. It was during this time that Ken’s mother introduced him to his future wife of 12 years, Shannon.


Ken and Shannon both love the outdoors where they spend a lot of time skiing, hiking, playing hockey and fishing with their two sons: Jack and Will.

Committed to both family and community

Thomas and Ken are proud to have started a partnership with the fantastic people at The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Minnesota.

The partnership was kicked off with the first annual benefit event that took place on April 26, 2012.

The team at Coenen Bros. is excited about continuing this partnership and working with the community to help make children’s wishes come true.