Time to Leave Public Accounting?

“The best time to start keeping an eye open for other opportunities is around the 2 or 3 year marker. At this point, you have established yourself in the public accounting world and are desirable to many hiring mangers out there. Whether you are two months or two years out from making a move, it doesn’t hurt to start the conversation early!” – Big Four Alumni

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Accounting, Finance & IT Professionals

You were top of your class in college, you’re excelling in your career and you’ve made a point to be prepared for each step in your professional life up to this point. It only makes sense for you to strategically think about and prepare for the next step in your career well in advance.

How Coenen Search can help you.

Hiring Manager

You want to hire top-tier accounting, finance and IT professionals. We help clients like you identify those rare professionals that clearly stand out in their field. If you are someone who looks for exceptional people when you hire, we would love to work with you.

How Coenen Search can help you.